Marton Csokas

Marton is an incredibly sexy Kiwi actor who has a way with an accent. His characters have hair of all lengths, from nearly bald to really hairy. And he looks good with all of his looks.

Aeon Flux is now out on video!

On Hercules


Tarlus, from Promises

On Xena

[looks can be deceiving...]

The evil but seductive cultist, Khrafstar, from The Deliverer

The Debt -- I hope to eventually have pictures from this episode where we first meet Xena's sexy ex-lover, Borias.

Adventures in the Sin Trade (Pt. 1) -- This episode had some hot scenes.

Other Work

This list is incomplete. Visit The Internet Movie Database for a complete list of Marton's work.

Aeon Flux -- Chairman Trevor Goodchild

The Great Raid -- Captain Redding

Kingdom of Heaven -- Guy de Lusignan

Asylum -- Edgar Stark

The Bourne Supremacy -- Jarda

Timeline -- Robert De Kere

Kangaroo Jack -- Mr. Smith

XxX (aka Triple X) -- Yorgi

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones -- Poggle the Lesser (uncredited)

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring -- Celeborn

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World -- Kenner in the episode Tourist Season.

Beastmaster -- As Qord.

The Three Stooges -- Marton played vaudevillian Ted Healy in the telemovie directed by Mel Gibson. It was on May 24, 2000.

Farscape -- Marton played the character Br'Nee in the episode Bone to Be Wild. Check out The SciFi Channel's Schedulebot to see when it's going to be back on. (Thanks to Cathy for the information.)

Broken English -- I have a few pictures of Marton from this New Zealand movie.

Julius Caesar -- Marton was in Auckland Theatre's Presentation of this play.


The Offical Aeon Flux Movie Site

Check out the articles posted at The Lord of the Rings Movie Site (as well as a picture of Marton in character under the cast section) and The German/English Lord of the Rings Movie Site. Thanks to Cirdan from the second site for forwarding the information to me.

Sura's Marton Csokas Page -- She has some excellent screen captures. Check out her shots from Broken English! And she has an up-to-date filmography for Marton, as well.

Marton Csokas -- This site has all kinds of wonderful pictures of Marton in pretty much every role he's had.

The Sweetness of Kiwi -- A Marton Csokas Page -- One of the few sites dedicated to Marton and his talent.

Garage Days -- The official site for a Marton movie.

Rain -- The official site for another Marton movie. -- There's a blurb on Marton.

Marton Csokas -- Links to every episode of Xena he's been in.

Acardia review -- Marton played Septimus Hodge in this Maidment Theatre, Auckland, February/March 1997 presentation of Arcadia.

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